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La casa de Peter Shire

Os  presentamos una casa fascinante. Se trata de la casa privada del ceramista del grupo Memphis Peter Shire. La casa la construyó su padre y Peter sigue viviendo ahí a pesar de las críticas. Una casa maravillosa que combina la sobriedad y la calidez de la madera con el color, tejidos y las formas más atrevidas. Esperemos que os guste.


House #4 of 4 house tour. Peter Shire, potter from Memphis Group. Childhood home, now rented out. Brother Billy was also there in some photos.




ENGLISH — We present you a fascinating house. This is the private house of the Memphis ceramist Peter Shire. The house was built by his father and Peter still lives there despite the criticism. A wonderful house that combines the sobriety and the warmth of the wood with the color, fabrics and the most daring forms. Hope you like it.