We design a colorful and positive fabrics inspired by the mediterranean culture


Güell Lamadrid is based on the balance between the distinction of the most sophisticated patterns and the charm of functional plain designs. The fabrics of those who know that quality and caring about the smallest detail make each space unique. The fabrics chosen by interior designers.


We are from Barcelona and therefore we receive multiple influences from different points of our Mediterranean Sea, from the Spanish tradition in particular and old Europe in general, to the North Africa or the East Europe countries.

A vibrant collection that brings together the most traditional and timeless styles, the classics with a contemporary touch, and the ethnic and oriental inspirations improved with a chic touch.

A colourful proposal with a wide palette that includes the freshness of the Mediterranean colours, the most classic and traditional tones of the European textile history and the vibrant colors from exotic places.

PasionFor quality work in order to preserve our prestige.
HeritageA story written on fabric since 1973.
InspirationIn the Mediterranean way, in the style and customs of old Europe.
ColorAn obsession with seducing through variety in colours, textures and patterns.
LifestyleOffering each customer what they need, fulfilling their desires every day.
QualityRoll by roll, fabric-by-fabric, thread by thread.

Each collection is inspired by the values that comprise the hallmark of distinction of Güell Lamadrid and the trends that we absorb from the culture of each country that we visit.

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