In orde to preserve the safety of our employees we are telecommuting.

Please try to minimize telephone contact, using the usual email adresses. 

We are fabric editeurs at the cutting edge of high-end interior design.

Our brands have become an essential reference in the Spanish and European high-end interior design markets.

Our innovation model and our way of combining design, quality and creativity has meant that the most prestigious contemporary decorators and interior designers choose Grupo Lamadrid fabrics to bring life to homes, boutiques and luxury hotels.

A wide range of eclectic and versatile designs, where original patterns coexist with attractive plain textures.

Güell Lamadrid is one of Lamadrid Group flagships, standing as one of the most prestigious Textile suppliers in our country.We design a line of fresh and colorful fabrics inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. Unique designs that combine tradition and the latest trends. The classic-contemporary style coexists with the ethnic-chic, and the sophisticated decorative patterns with the functional plain ones.

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