Our priority is to offer our customers solutions for their most demanding projects, daily working to develop a catalog of products unique in performance, quality and price and accessible for all types of clients. FIL will contribute to your projects adding security, thanks to the Lamadrid Group warranty seal and the products with high quality and consistency.


"Commercial vision"

Our catalog of products stands out for the interesting offer of plain and semi-plain fabrics available in a wide range of colors that will fit perfectly with all kinds of decorative styles. Attainable at very competitive prices without affecting the product’s quality.

High performanceWe consider the resistance and durability of fibers one of our main priorities.
PolyvalenceUpholstery fabrics, perfect for all types of decorative styles, are ideal for intensive use.
ColorfulWide palette of colors for all tastes.
EleganceWe do not renounce the elegance of these fabrics with sophisticated finishes.
TexturesTextures with avant-garde designs.
ReliabilityGood performance and the competitive value together with the most efficient fabrics offered.
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