Navona and Trevi marbleize us


Navona and Trevi are two spectacular collections of Les Créations de la Maison, both part of the Roma collection and double-width fabrics, perfect as curtains. Navona is an elegant linen curtain with a simple but attractive miniraya on a raw background. Ideal for fresh and current decorations. Trevi, however, is a jacquard fabric with a paisley or two-tone cashmere design very elegant, which also has the great advantage of its great maintenance for its composition of polyester-cotton. Two different options that share some tones inspired by the colors of the Earth, like waters, sand or stones.



Stones have never stopped inspiring the human being, they have been used since immemorial time by kings, magicians, shamans and fortune tellers, acquiring the category of symbols, pieces of our planet that we have filled with stories and myths. Not only shamans and fortune tellers have found in them a deep inspiration, artists from all over the world have been inspired by them to create magnificent pieces with a sensibility and a magic that only stones can transmit.


Peter Zumthor

Do you know the Therme Vals? It is an amazin work of the renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the thermal baths of Vals is one of his most important projects. It was built with 60,000 pieces of quartzite from Vals. The chosen stone connects with the mountains around it. The result is a spectacular “bunker” carved on the landscape. The concept of Zumthor was  to connect the construction intimately with the topography and geology of the place, almost as if nature had carved the spectacular space. He imagined the hot springs as a great quarry that opened on the mountain and in which one could drill from top to bottom or from one side.


Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes is a sculptor, draftsman and architect, “an artist with multiple personalities”; this is how he like to define himself. Reyes is considered one of the most important sculptors of the artistic scene in Mexico.

His works stand out for the mastery in the use of stone to build totems and sculptures with a strong political significance.


José Manuel Castro López

This Galician artist shapes the quartz and granite as if they were made of clay. Their stones melt at their feet: they wrinkle, they twist obeying their orders. An authentic magician of stone, and even he confesses that his relationship with the stone is more magical than physical: “he recognizes me and obeys me… we understand each other”.


septimoNavona and Trevi marbleize us