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Getting to know Bárbara Aurell very closely



We have interviewed Bárbara Aurell, founder and director of Espacio en Blanco, an interior design studio “and something more”, as she defines it, in Barcelona. And we love that she defines her studio with that “and something more” because Espacio en Blanco is a real canvas on which she builds the project of her clients paying maximum attention to what they dream of and taking care of every single detail.

Hence, “how do you want to live?” is the question with which she initiates every project. A simple question that invites her clients to tell her everything they dream for their new space. Bárbara takes note for that to happen. With all the dreams and illusions on the table, Bárbara builds spaces with a clear and fresh Mediterranean influence. Tenuous and maritime colors, a lot of personality, empathy and a touch of romance, that is how she gives all her spaces a soul.

Multidisciplinary, restless and always up to date with the latest trends, Bárbara is also at the forefront of Movimento en Blanco, a laboratory of ideas and new trends that carries out periodic exhibitions “for the love of art”of painting, photography, sculpture and literature, in order to combine the experience of artists and designers of the current panorama. The project invites artists to jump to the scenario and take action. Each and every one of them share concerns with the intention of never being still. They participate in Movimiento to demand an innovative attitude towards life and feel the desire to share the worldliness, experiences and human skills at the same time that they manifest their passions, emotions, ideas and thoughts to the public.



Let’s get to know more about this interior designer “and something more” with an exclusive interview for Les Créations de la Maison.

LCM—How do they call you those who really love you?

BA—They call me Barbi (important, without e) and only a few very lucky ones 😉

LCM—What is your favorite app?

BA—Although I try to do detox with my mobile, I communicate a lot with Instagram and I am a fan of Google Maps, since I travel a lot (by the way, I’m with Mapstr to share the world’s spots that I like and love).

LCM—If you were not a decorator, would you be…?

BA—Interior designer, interior designer or interior designer… jijiji.

LCM—Who do you miss most when you’re on a project outside?

BA—I’m very happy to have my personal space so I create my little world wherever I go, although I can not live without the people I love nearby.

LCM—Tell me about a hidden paradise.

BA—My personal paradise is Menorca, where I spend summer since I was little.

LCM—An advice to those starting as decorators.

BA—To live it passionately and with the five senses. And to listen to both the client and the people who help you make that project a reality.

LCM—I have to paint my new apartment; what color would you advise me?

BA—I am with a very colorful mood “chickpea”, but white never fails, always with a touch of color in a corner.

LCM—Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where do I go to have dinner?

BA—I put a homemade dinner in the patio of my house, with good friends, a rich wine, bossa nova in the background and the sky of Barcelona. Who knows if we will end up dancing the conga to celebrate…

LCM—What “quote” or “motto” defines how you live life?

BA—And you … How do you want to live?

LCM—Your favorite corner at home is?

BA—My patio and my bathtub.

LCM—Surprise us with something about your personality.

BA—I laugh a lot about myself, I am “maniacally” organized, I always tell the truth (and I do not know how to disguise) and I am quite a bon vivant.

LCM—Do you have a pet? How is it called?

BA—No, but many plants that I care for with love.

LCM—What is the song that always makes you dance?

BA—So many … but to say one: “Who cares” of Alaska, “Common People” by Pulp or “Last Dance” by Donna Summer.

LCM—Tell me a deco trend that is coming and we do not know yet.

BA—I do not like trends very much… I think that originality and being oneself would have to be recovered.

LCM—Unspeakable mania.

BA—The order and having two agendas, one in paper and another digital, I go through them at the same time first thing in the morning.

septimoGetting to know Bárbara Aurell very closely