Curtain Special


Simplicity, naturalness and a lot of elegance

We present our best selection of curtains, which stand out for its lightness, delicacy and elegance. Collections of soft fabrics and earth tones that imitate the shapes and colors of nature. Perfect options for cozy and Mediterranean stays.


Brandy. A curtain made of 70% linen in 330 cm and raw and white colors that coordinate with the same shades of our top sales Bourbon. It has the fall and the fresh and morbid hand that characterizes the fabrics manufactured and finished in Italy.

Trento. Collection of double width curtains, in a commercial and attractive proposal to decorate the most elegant windows. On one hand we have a wide proposal of suggestive designs in natural tones, on the other a series of stripes of varied dimensions in pastel colors.

Light Linen. It consists of a new proposal of linen curtains in a range of natural colors in three qualities of great elegance and pleasant finish, ideal for dressing the most select windows.

Chambray. Elegant linen curtain 100% with a beautiful two-color effect that comes in a full range of natural colors, so identified with our brand, as we like to run away from shrillness.

Italian sheers. Collection of 100% linen curtains, in three meters wide and with a very contemporary finish. Enjoy the elegance of linen without additives. You have three basic qualities in the three traditional natural colors: linen, crude and white.

Gin. Expansion of the color of this successful linen curtain, completing the range with new cold colors and a new linen / stone color commercial. Elegant like no other texture, linen dresses contemporary windows better than anything else.

Boule & Bound. On this occasion, two double width fabrics are offered for window decoration. On the one hand a curtain with a subtle and elegant design that coordinates, on the other hand it is fabric a thousand lines of thicker texture ideal for curtains and even for bedspreads.

Bari. Great proposal of transparent fabric for curtains with a high percentage of linen.

Foggia. Sheer curtain with high percentage of linen and with one hand and spectacular fall.

Amatrice. Elegant curtain of subtle transparency with two wide stripes woven in linen/polyester.

Celine. It is a net curtain with stripes and a wonderful rapport. Its transparency is peculiar; it highlights the delicate braid of separation that gives a very elegant touch.

Amelie. It is a smooth with a wonderful fall, and a unique transparency. An option that inspires an atmosphere of another time with the music of the film Amelie as background soundtrack.

Juliette. Juliette reminds us of an old house in Toulouse, from which we heard French music in the background through the curtains. It is a curtain with a wide rapport, and an elegant strip of color with double fabric.

Norcia. A nice regular open curtain with a rustic look. Polyester/linen blend and in three natural colors; white, crude and linen. Of sweet finish and medium transparency. Ideal to decorate any type of stay.

Alice. A linen 100% sophisticated texture that makes it a decorative curtain able to give a special personality to each room.


Daniela Jacobs the woman that turns colors, textures, shapes and sounds of nature into porcelain objects and jewellery

This is Daniela Jacobs, New York—based designer. In 2014 she launched ARC, a wonderful project of objects and jewellery made primarily of porcelain and metal. Materials are responsibly sourced to create seasonless, future-heirloom pieces that are bold in simplicity and made by hand in New York City. She doesn’t like to describe ARC as a product, but as a concept that explores creativity through wearable and functional sculptures. Since childhood the artist has split her time between Spain and New York, and you can absolutely see her Mediterranean influence in all her pieces.





We want to know Daniela closer, we want to know her natural habitat through a photogrpahic reportage for “Sight Unseen” by photographer Pippa Drummond. Her home is a 1970’s loft in Tribeca — a serene, raw space that traces classic elements of her time in both Mallorca and Manhattan.



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